Page reload and

  1. Is this javascript call not supported on Atom?’#/openpage’,’_self’,false)

  2. In NodeJS-Webkit, I could either reload the HTML with win.reload() without the toolbar and buttons. Is Atom shell support this API as well?


This seems to be about atom-shell, not about Atom the text editor. Please categorize your post to clarify.


I updated the category assuming @kgrossjo is right.


As per #2. You mean location.reload() right?
At least in the editor and test environment I used to do this all of the time in order to trigger debugger’s before they added the reload button (so I could get the inspector to use the debugger)


Great thanks, DavidLGoldberg! That’s not documented in Atom-shell guide, I guess it’s important to made known.


Another on SO suggested:

var remote = require(‘remote’);


cool, looks interesting.