Packaging electron app powered by Python Flask


I just created an electron app which is powered by Flask (python).

It works nice when I run the app in powershell ( electron . ) but when I package this app with electron-packager, It succeed but the app does not work.

It seems python code would not be included in the app.
How can I build the app with integrating all python code and module I am using in the app?

└ node_modules
└ static
└ css
└ templates

  • index.html
  • page2.html
  • page3.html
  • main.js
  • package.json
  • package-lock.json

environment: windows10 64bit, python3.6(Anaconda 4.3.1(64bit)), flask 0.12.2 electron 1.7.11,

  • I am using any python modules like pandas.