Packages seeing code differently from what displayed


I have seen this problem a few times. The java compiler is complaining of typos that I can’t see.

For example, I have the line of text, ‘System.out.println(…’ and with a floating error message of ‘Systtm cannot be resolved.’’

I’m uncertain whether this was a typo that I had corrected or if I had originally typed System but the package is being given a corrupted stream of text.

This has happened on occasion that the compiler is seeing a version of code that I can’t see. Saving the file doesn’t help. When I inspect the file outside of Atom, in this example, I see System (not Systtm).

I have a screenshot if helpful.


What’s the name of the package in question? Mind posting a screenshot of how you see the error message?


The package is ide-java 0.8.2.

Is the ‘Upload’ button the best way to provide this screenshot? This link isn’t clickable for me.



You can do that, or you can just paste a URL into your comment.

The package is ide-java 0.8.2.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot that one. You should ask at the package’s repo to see if any of the developers have an idea of why the package is failing you.