Packages for more obscure languages?


Could we port more TextMate bundles over to Atom?

The community has done a great job getting most of these into Atom, but there are still a few missing language-… packages for some of the more obscure programming languages, like:

  • awk
  • Emacs Lisp (.el, .emacs, Cask*)
  • Factor
  • Io
  • J
  • PostScript
  • sed
  • Wolfram Mathematica (*.ma)

I like to experiment with lots of languages, heh.


You could try to automatically convert them, see the documentation here:

For example, to convert the PostScript package:

apm init --package ~/.atom/packages/language-r --convert

Sublime Text bundles should work too. See this topic for more information:


I tried converting TextMate Language bundle into Atom package with the command above, but the new package did not work. Atom sees there is language called Mathematica, but provides no syntax coloring. Just to check if the package works I did the conversion to SublimeText3 where the conversion worked like a charm. Any ideas?


The autoconversion from TextMate is intended as a shortcut, not as a 100% guaranteed conversion. There may well be things that need to be added … perhaps the Mathematica language definition uses scopes that the theme you’re using doesn’t support?