Packages can't find git



I’m trying to install the Git Plus and Regex Railroad Diagram packages.

Whenever I try to install the package is says that if failed because it couldn’t find git. I know I have git on my computer as I’m able to work on my projects locally as I like to, but Atom just isn’t finding it. Is it a Windows or a permission thing? Or do I need to install something else that I’m not realizing?

Can someone help me figure out what’s going on with this? Thanks in advance.


I took the time to peek at Git Plus and if you look here:

you’ll see that there is a configuration option to tell Git Plus where Git is on your system. Have you tried that?


I’ll try that. Do I just fork the repo, make the change and store it locally, and then try to install the package again?

I’m still pretty new to using open source applications on my computer so I’m not sure how all this works if I have to change something before I install it.


Actually, what I’m saying is that you should be able to:

  1. Open Settings (Ctrl+, on Windows, I think)
  2. Scroll down the list of packages on the left side until you get to Git Plus
  3. Click Git Plus
  4. Look for the ‘GitPath’ configuration option
  5. Enter the path to Git on your system in the box
  6. :tada:


It’s not on the left side. The ones on the left are all ones that I’ve installed but I looked and its not there. The problem is that its not installing in the first place and I get this message:

with this as the detailed message.

So it’s not installing in the first place so I can’t update that file. Any ideas?


Is Git in your PATH?


Haha woops. That got it to work. Thanks so much!