Packages and updating


Hi is anyone having a problem checking updates and installing packages for an atom? I have uninstalled it a few times and reinstalled atom now still having an issue with it.


Have you tried the commands apm outdated and apm search icons from the command line? You might get more information from error messages that way.


when the command line appears after 1 second a message appears but the command line closes very quickly in 0.5 seconds so I can’t read the message. I have unistalled and installed atom 5 times still getting the same problem. I’m using window 10



To me it seems as though your Atom application is prevented from connecting to the internet. Caused by firewall or ‘internet security’ / ‘anti-virus’.

Could you try those steps suggested by @alflanagan again, please.

  1. Open the command prompt with WIN + r and type in cmd.
    1 - Run command prompt

  2. Execute the suggested commands inside command prompt.



Thank you, I reinstalled node.js again and now it’s working fine