Package Website


I created a website for atom packges, inorder to learn ampersandjs. I have hosted it at

Please let me know if there are any licensing issues.


That is really nice. How did you get the history data for the download charts?


@mark_hahn thank you… been collecting data for past 3 months…


I have a package on my to-do list called vanity. It will show downloads like you do for packages developed by the user running the package. I was going to capture it also but you’ve got a head start. (grin)

Would you mind letting me copy your website for this package? It wouldn’t be competition since it would just be for the individual developer of the package. And I would give full credit to your site and provide appropriate links to your site.


@mark_hahn Please do use it in whatever way you want it. I can even pass you the db dump if you need it.

Please let me know if you feel i could add something.


AWESOME! :sparkles:
This rocks man.


It is amazing that there were over -7 million downloads yesterday. (grin)


Yeah, you gotta wonder where those went. Must’ve created a big hole somewhere.


@mark_hahn Yeah, still buggy around the corner…

The db update skipped a day


@NikhilKalige I’d love to see a mini version of that download history chart on every “package card” in the Atom Settings GUI - it’s hard (especially for new users) to tell which packages are active/popular/out-of-date.

Does Atom (plan to) make this download history data available? Do you have an API for your download history database?


@jvanbrug I have a database that collects the information daily…


Great! If I do make the package, I’ll get the 50-day download history from[packagename]

A few questions:

  • Is there any way to access older download history (older than 50 days) through your API?
  • How many/what packages do you track?
  • When do you start collecting/providing download history for a new package?


I have hard coded the limit as 50,so no.
I track all the packages, but not sure…
I get the list of packages very day… so on the same day it is added to