Package using native binding


I’m trying to create a package to watch automaticaly the current project for changes in SASS files using

npm install node-sass

After a few tweaks on the function that try to load C binding (cause it tries to load up an older V8 binding) All I get is

Uncaught Error: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.
at ...\Atom\resources\app\node_modules\coffee-script\lib\coffee-script\register.js:45

I was wondering if any of you guys tried it and could enlighten me.

SASS/SCSS watch within project

There have been some issues raised on building and launching atom itself, which produce this error.

It’s to do with some incompatibility between 32bit and 64bit node modules.
Most of the time it’s enough to either try again or update node to the latest version.

I’ve also seen people say they had to clean out the cloned directory, re-install node entirely etc, before it worked for them…


Also tried to use node-images, didn’t work. Could not load native binding.