Package update sometimes does not finish


Whenever there are updates to Atom packages I click “Update all” and the update starts. But quite often, the updates do not finish. Last time I waited half an hour just to see what happens, but it still did not finish. It will stay forever as shown in the screenshot:

The same happens on Windows and on Linux.
I assume updating is done by some package? Which one? Or is it Squirrel?

For sure I am not the first person to note this, but searching for “atom package update does not finish” and similar just did not give good results.


I think I’ve seen that when the server is busy. I remember running the apm command directly to figure it out. Then I used curl to confirm it wasn’t just atom/apm-related. I don’t know if that’s what is happening to you, but it may be something to try.

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This has been fixed in development versions and should be out in v1.9.x.