Package update error?


I’ve updated this theme many times, but this time I got:

staryu:afterglow-plus stevelombardi$ apm publish minor
Registering afterglow-plus ✗
Registering package in smlombardi/afterglow-plus repository failed: A package by that name already exists

Just a apm hiccup?

Publishing problem

There seems to be an problem with packages all together: and apm update. Probably related to the big Atom 1.0 release.


Give it some time.
There’s a lot of pressure on the package repository on due to the 1.0 hoohah.
Try again in a while or tomorrow.


Yeah, I posted that before I saw the 1.0 announcement. Suddenly it became clear why apm wasn’t working right.

No rush at all will do tomorrow or next day.