Package update error - spawn git ENOENT


When I’m trying to update my packages I’m getting an error:

Fetching outdated packages and themes failed.Hide output…
spawn git ENOENT

now, reinstalling and updating the atom isn’t working. any tips?


What version of Atom and what operating system are you running? How long has this been happening?


im using windows 10, and i have the last version: 1.20.1
its happening for the last week or so, i dont know why…


Did you install or uninstall git recently?


no, actually I’m still lacking the understanding of what git is and what to do with it…
its been a few years since i programmed like i used to :slight_smile:


Atom Package Manager (APM) is based on Node Package Manager (NPM), which uses git internally.

Maybe you could download git, install it, restart Atom, and see if you have any luck.