Package Uninstall Problem


I’m using Atom on Windows 7
I’m installing ‘color-picker’ package and it was stucked for about 30mins and i can’t determine if package was installed successfully or not. then i restarted Atom text editor and im seeing it as installed on INSTALL PACKAGE MANAGER but doesn’t show up on Packages MenuBar Item

then if we search ‘color-picker’ on installed packages. it doesn’t show.
can’t attached screenshot anymore because new users was only allowed 1 image to attached.

now my question is how do i fix this?


It does happen on occasion that the Installing... button doesn’t complete, but I find that the installation does succeed, if I reload Atom.

Have you tried restarting atom and seeing if the package then works?


Yes. I already restarted atom a couple of times. Haha. XD


Looking at the package source, it doesn’t look like it adds a menu entry, so that should explain why there’s no menu entry :stuck_out_tongue:

If you install the package from the command line with apm install color-picker, does that work?


To expand on what @olmokramer said, adding a menu item to the Packages menu is not required. Most of my packages don’t bother.


Does the color-picker actually have any configurable commands?
Or does it simply assume to work unless disabled?