Package to execute a shell command


I’m looking for a package that would execute a user-specified shell command. What I’m looking for the a shortcut similar to emacs “make” command. This is a generic command that allows the user to specify a “make” command to execute (e.g.g “make” to build some Makefile rule, “pdflatex” to build some latex doc …).

It seems that there are some packages which are language oriented (e.g. latex to run “latexmf”) but I’m looking for a generic package to run any command (in the same directory where the current open file belongs to).

Does such package exist ?


Would the UX be something like

Hit cmd-ctrl-some-key, dialog drops down, you type the command, and it runs it?

Between repeated runs, store the state of the last run?

There are packages that run code and run tests, but no build system. Creating this package wouldn’t be too bad (and could blatantly steal from the script package). Alternatively, the viewer could/should be the same as script. Perhaps it just needs to be abstracted into a run pane, with the interpreter/run support as a plugin to it.


Yes the UX would exactly be that one…


you can try terminal-status


I know this is an old post, but for anyone else who comes across it like I did, take a look at process-palette. You can add a custom entry to the command palette that will execute an arbitrary shell command. It’s quite configurable too. You can even add your own key binding for that particular command.