Package to display text file structure for Pandoc-Markdown and LaTeX on tree-view panel


I have used KDE’s kile to edit LaTeX files, and it shows document structure as a tree on the left panel so that one could skip from one section to another in a text file, while editing, using the tree-view. The \section{} and \subsection{} LaTeX markers are used for this if I am not mistaken.

Markdown or Pandoc-Markdown also has #, ##, and ### as markers for sections and subsections.

It would be nice if there were an atom plugin/package that allowed for quick navigation of a Pandoc-Markdown or LaTeX file via what is now the tree-view panel.


One could use the archive-view package as a basis for this.


I am totally missing such a feature in Atom for markdown and taskpaper documents. :frowning: Something similar to the Tree View Browser with a hierarchical list of structure elements of the opened file - of course clickable so I can navigate to the section.

Edit: markdown-mindmap seems helpful as it displays the markdown structure as clickable mindmap.

Edit#2: symbols-tree-view mostly does what I want: A clickable list of markdown headers in a sidebar. With a little addition to a ctags-file I even managed to show taskpaper projects. :heart_eyes: