Package to display read-only flag for a file?


I searched through the packages and didn’t find anything that was close to what I was looking for. In case I overlooked one does anyone know if there is a package that will display some sort of flag on a file (either in tree-view or tab view) if the file is read-only?

If not, is it possible in Atom to do that? I haven’t looked into the Atom api a whole lot so I am not sure but if it is this could possibly lead me down the path of creating a package.


You might want to take a look at the soft-wrap-indicator package I’ve written as a starting point.


I will look into that. Is it safe to assume that you have access to whether or not the file is read-only or not through Atom?


I’m certain there is some way to test it through Node.js file APIs, though there are multiple concepts of “read-only” both within and across operating systems so it might be a little complicated depending on how robust you want it to be.


Thanks, I will look into Node.js file API. Already found a few stackoverflow questions about it but this might get a little complicated across OS like you said.