Package / Themes server down


Cannot fetch anything, just a heads up. intermittantly unavailable

Yep … just noticed this myself.

cc @thedaniel


The team is aware:

More details on the outage:


Yeah, Heroku’s having some problems today. We use their service to host the site and API.


They say it’s been resolved:


All error rates have returned to normal.

We understand this incident had significant impact to our customers. We are truly sorry for the impact this has had to your businesses. We will be performing a retrospective and public follow-up as soon as possible.

Posted 31 minutes ago, Jun 23, 2014 21:14 UTC

…but I’m still getting these outage errors every second page load or so.
Just mistakenly created another topic on it before seeing this one.


Confirming again:


Looks like it’s back up!


And it’s down again :frowning:


It’s been getting steadier over time, but I’m still seeing intermittent errors and timeouts. Hopefully the problem disappears soon!


Phew. I thought I broke something when I deployed my first package just before then tried to install it from the server


All working again it seems. No issues for the last half day or so.