Package that replaces atom icon per project?


Hello. I am looking for a package that will use custom icon per project. Icon file could be taken from eg. project root directory. The problem with the single icon is that I have hard time to find the correct Atom editor to select in my Xfce environment:



Visual Studio extension Solution Icon has a great solution by creating an Windows Taskbar Overlay icon using one of the following images:

  1. First choice: .editoricon.png (or .ico, .gif, etc) under solution root.
    This is inspired by .editorconfig, however I am not aware of anyone using .editoricon before.

  2. Second choice: certain images within the projects.
    This is very limited at the moment, but e.g. favicon.ico might be recognized.

  3. Third choice: if no applicable icon is found in solution, a new icon is generated.
    The algorithm uses one or two letters from the solution name, and a color based on solution path.

However, I’m not sure there is any public API available to alter the Taskbar (Overlay) icon.