Package templates for development

hi all, i am new here and would like to ask if there is a template to create some custom plugins and extensions, if so please point me to them.

i use fedora30 / redhat enterprise linux and rarely centos 7.6.

The output of apm init --help lists the various template options.

The resulting package has a few items you may not need, like keymaps and menu items. These folders can be deleted if you don’t need them. I also recommend the --syntax javascript flag, as there’s little point in learning CoffeeScript just to write packages. E.g.,

apm init --package "my-package-name" --syntax javascript

For learning how to write packages, I tend to look at existing similar ones. There are also the API docs in the flight manual. If you have any specific questions, we can try to answer them here on the forum, or on the Slack channel.

I created several generators for packages written in Javascript, TypeScript or CoffeeScript, all with the same features.

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