Package Suggestion: Markdown auto file index


This package would work in a similar way to the markdown-toc-auto package. Instead of making links to the headers in a single markdown file it would make links to all the markdown files in the Project folder and its sub-folders.

A directory structure like this:
├── sub1
│ ├──
│ └──
├── sub2
│ └──

Would produce markdown like this:

# Project tree

 * [](  
 * sub1
   * [](./sub1/
   * [](./sub1/
 * sub2
   * [](./sub2/
 * [](

This would automatically update the way markdown-toc-auto does, when the files are changed.

I have a bash script I found somewhere that does pretty much this but an auto updating version in Atom would be useful. In this way a hierarchy of markdown files can easily be use along with Atom as a simple note taking app.

If the markdown index is put into a file in a git repo the whole thing will function as a wiki when pushed to Github or Gitlab. With Mdwiki put the index in a file and one has a very light on or offline self-contained wiki.

Useful package settings would include a list of the file extensions to index. Also the link format either []( or [[README]] or [README](README). Oddly, only the first works in a Github repo and only the second two work in a Github wiki. Also useful would be the option to index the headers in all the markdown files but I’m not sure of the syntax to make them function as links.

I would be able write this in python but my coffeescript is not (yet) up to it. If no one is interested in having a go I might use it as learning exercise… Otherwise a big thanks to anyone who does this.