Package structure for manual install


At my workplace I am unable to download packages, but I figure I can copy/paste from github for packages that are there. My target is to get However I’m not sure what the main folder should look like. Here is what I know and need to know:

  1. I know I should put it in my .atom/packages folder
    Thats really all I know.

  2. What should my folder within packages that I put all the files from the link into be called?

  3. Once I copy/paste and make all the files, is there anything else I have to do, or just restart Atom?


The difficulty lies in the dependencies. You need to look at the package.json file to find out what it relies on (jsxformat and lodash). That’s not terrible (even though lodash has a lot of files), but jsxformat has six dependencies and a build script, and some of its dependencies have a lot of others; lodash has 27 dependencies, including some big ones. It wouldn’t be easy to manually copy all of that.