Package Sets and the ablity to create your own text editor based on Atom


Ability to have plugin sets (a set of plugins) that run as a separate application, i.e. I could make a dedicated epub creator with a whole bunch of features and release it as its own separate application, but people can also take any feature from my epub creator and use it in atom because each feature of my epub creator is just an atom package. an example of another text editor that implements this idea, is

I hope this idea make sense.
and yes I know you can use atom-shell but it isnt super easy, I cant say I want atom without these packages (ie the language ones etc) and I want these packages (the packages which make my custom text editor special)

Pre-choice behavior when open atom?

You could write a shell/cmd script that does it all:

PACKAGES_TO_REMOVE="<space separated list of packages>";
PACKAGES_TO_INSTALL="<space seperated list of packages>";
sudo dpkg -i $INSTALLER_FILE;
apm uninstall $PACKAGES_TO_REMOVE;

Or something along those lines. You’ll also need to translate it to windows, but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue…

Or you could of course dive into the code and make your own build system :smile:


This a pretty awesome way of doing the only problem is you couldn’t have this and atom :confused:


does pre-choice behavior when open atom is a good idea? The feature shouldn’t belong to plugins but atom editor itself or have priority then other plugin,besides, its better to limit package counts and promise speed and memory allocation naturally,such as,if we just used to note text, atom able to only load markdown plugin as our customized.I think pre-choice feature should allow us loading needed package and able to custom which package should be run.