Package search : Code run information?



I was wondering if there was a package corresponding to my description : is there something that can display information on your code concerning the ressources demanded by each line / function ? Such a package would wait for some executions to be made and then display information on maybe the time each line took to be executed, or more ambitiously the quantity of RAM that was used by a line, or the CPU/GPU ressources that went into executing such a line.

I saw the “fitbit for developper” package but it isn’t really what I’m looking for. I guess just displaying the time spent on each line wouldn’t be to harsh, and there could be a nice integration with a color code and a small area on the left of the pannel, maybe…

Is there even the beginning of such a thing ? I didn’t found one myself.

Thank you.


I’m running code in python btw


Aside from the tools Python itself gives you to measure things like execution time, I don’t know if there’s an option for doing much inside Atom. There are, however, many tools developed for monitoring the performance of Python code.