Package(s) for context-aware auto complete?


Is there a package or packages to allow for context-aware autocomplete is is the case in VS Code, Visual Studio and Eclipse [to my knowlege]? For example, when I type myClass. only the member functions and variables of that class should be shown for example. Also, something like ctrl+space to show all possible options for that cursor position would be useful as well. I would like all possible autocompletion to be shown and be scrollable as is the case with Visual Studio Code.

I would like at least Javascript/Node.js and c++ support, as well as css and html, though less important as the first two. I would like support for previewing language docs and annotated source docs, as well as paramater info as id displayed in VS Code when the cursor is in between the parameter brackets.

Other features I would like is something like ctrl+click to go to definition as is the case in VS Code. Also, tooltip information when hovering functions and variables would be nice.


I have seen various packages that do some of this, though I am not sure what is best. The more languages that are supported, the better.


Additional issue: I have some snippets that are preceded by ... I use these for file template snippets. These get preference after writing something like myClass.. Perhaps such a package as I have described above would disable this, but it’s worth mentioning that it is a hindrance for me. Context-aware snippets might be more of a difficult thing to achieve, but perhaps changing their display order to the bottom of the suggestions when not a blank line might be something that would fix this.


Any information on my above described problems and desires is greatly appreciated.


There are several packages using Tern, which provides autocompletion on variables and properties.


I happened to find that package recently. How does it compare the the autocomplete with the ide for Typescript/JavaScript? And what of the same for C++?