Package: Run Chrome App


One of the nice features with Chrome Dev Editor, is the ability to Run a Chrome App directly from the editor. I have built a package for Atom that does this and it currently only supports Windows.

The idea behind the package, is to enable more rapid cycle of edit and run, to test your changes quickly within the Chrome App runtime.

It will navigate the open project, find the folder where manifest.json is located and launch an instance of Chrome with your app in a dedicated Chrome App window.

Can be run from the Packages menu or simply by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

Planned features:

  • Ability to pick Chrome installation (Stable, Beta, Canary) to run.
  • Support for Linux and Mac.
  • “Debug” mode, where the Chrome App will auto-reload (live-reload) on changes.

If anyone else is interested in helping out with Linux and Mac support, please let me know. I won’t release this package publicly yet, it’s a bit hacky and my first ever attempt at Coffee Script.


Everybody loves screenshots, so here is one:


Here is the initial source code for this package, it’s far from complete but I’m setting up a new laptop so I needed to share the package with my other computer =)