Package Request: Code Visual Tool


Hi guys,

I’m looking for a tool that can help me visualize my code/custom script so it’s easier to navigate around. I like the idea of Twine ( being a visual tool to code in, but I’m looking for a more general purpose implementation, particularly around Atom. I found the add-on package “Diagrams” and it’s cool that it generates the graphic in realtime, but this needs to open specific files and looks for specific keywords. I’m hoping for a tool that works with any kind of text file open in atom, so long as it contains custom user-defined patterns for the code blocks and their flow-chart like relationships, it’ll work. Take a look at the image below to see what I mean:

Proposed Features:

  • Twine like visual tool interactivity in an infinite-like space - only when you open the blocks of code, it’ll jump to the line where the custom codeblock is defined. Open file if needed.
  • Drag and drop, organize blocks as you want.
  • Code block and relationship definition in a file can be placed anywhere. The plugin should parse the file first to gather all codeblock and relationship definitions before processing and rendering.
  • Code block and relationship definitions should be able to work in existing or custom defined comment codes like #, //, /* */, etc…

Can someone make a plugin like this? I don’t have enough coding-fu to make this happen.