Package published under two names - Automated issue referencing old code paths?



My buddy published an Atom package under this name when we were first starting development:

After some further development, we changed the name to this:

A few months back, we received this automated message/issue:

Deprecated selector in `rainbow-selection-flux\styles\rainbow-selection-flux.atom-text-editor.less

Notice that the path in the above quote is in reference to the old version/named package.

When looking at our latest master code, there is no reference to :host::shadow .selection .region or :host .selection .region.

In fact, I had already been notified and fixed this issue back in January:

Long story short, I am wondering if there are some people out there with the original version of the plugin?

Do we need to do anything special to make sure older installs, under the name “rainbow-selection-flux”, migrate to the newer-named “magical selection”?

Kinda confused as to why we got an issue opened in reference to code that no longer exists?

Thanks in advance for the help!