Package proposition for the "Featured" section



I’m not really sure how the packages in the Featured section are selected, but I would like to make a proposition if it’s possible. It is a package from a friend of mine and it’s called atom-package-sync.

It’s truly useful if you want a simple way to synchronize your packages and settings across multiple computers. And everything is open source, the package and the server. I think a lot of people would enjoy this package.



Thanks for proposing my package Nathan :wink: Glad to see that lots of people find it useful!


No problem! This package saves me an enormous amount of configuration time between my 4 computers hehe. Nobody responded though. Anybody here knows how I can submit a package for the Featured list?


Hey @nschmidt :wave:! There’s currently no process for suggesting a Featured package but improving the Featured packages in general is on the team’s radar /cc


Great! Thanks Robert! :slight_smile: