Package profiles


Atom Package Profiles

Not sure if this is the correct name to call this but essentially its just toggling a package’s key-maps when certain syntax modes are enabled.

Lets say that I’m editing a HTML and I’m using some emmet commands, then I change me focus to some server side language that defines similar key-maps in it’s package. Rather than keeping emmet commands enabled, package profiles would disable the key-maps that are defined by emmet, and enable them in the server side language package

I think this would be more flexible than css selector scoping.

I’m sure there would be a better way of making “profiles” so that its not attached to only one syntax mode, and you could reuse it on many syntax modes. But this is just a thought.


I’m pretty certain this has been requested before. Since the atom-text-editor element has a data-grammar attribute containing the scope of the grammar that is loaded for that editor, it may already be possible for keymaps to be scoped to only editors that have the expected grammar loaded.