Package plug in for spacing


in ATOM do you know what plug in that would be for
imagen you have many lines you need them all to move 2 spaces to the side, instead going line by line 2 space to the side, i wanted to select all lines and then move all in one shoot
i know notepad++ can do that, not sure in how to do that in atom



Are you thinking of indentation?
What do you do in Notepad++ to do this task?
What type of text - normal text or a program language (which one)?

  1. Select the text.

  2. Press the Tab button.

  3. The text will move left with the configured spacing set in the Atom configuration setup.

The alternate way is to use find and replace. More accurate replies may come if you give more descriptions - please give the people eyes to see your request.


You don’t need a package for that. There are keybindings set for these actions by default.