Package not loading, sort of


Edit: Never mind. Upgrading from 199 to 201 fixed it. Atom taketh away and atom giveth.

One of my packages has quit loading, sort of. This started happening on a new atom version (not sure which one). I didn’t change any code.

It shows up in the package menu and the key-binding resolver but not in the command palette. My activation routine is never called and the key-binding doesn’t work of course.

There are no activation settings in package.json so it should load and activate immediately. I would use my package-cop package to chase this down but that is the package that is broken. (grin)

I’m looking for ideas. I don’t want to dive into the core code to chase this down.


I’m having a similar issue with zotero-citations. Do you have any ideas why this would happen? How would I track down what’s happening do you reckon?