Package not installable - "Install" button missing


For the “Symbols view” packge, there is only a “Learn more” button on the package tile / preview in the settings tab. How can I install this package - what’s causing it to be uninstallable? Using Atom 0.150.0 from repository on Fedora 21.

I realise that it depends on ctags. I already have atom-ctags installed. In any case, more verbose output would be useful for helping users to understand and solve similar problems.

Thanks! Sam.


symbols-view is a core package, i.e. it is installed as a part of atom, and is thus uninstallable from within Atom. You could try apm uninstall symbols-view from the command line, but I don’t know what the outcome will be, if it will break Atom, if it makes your computer explode (spoiler: it won’t :smile:) etc.


…Ok that makes sense, thanks :smile:
May I make a feature request to mark such packages “core” or similar to avoid confused posts like this in future?


When you open the packages tab on the settings view, there are 3 sections, community package (i.e. non-core packages), core packages and dev packages (packages in the ~/.atom/dev directory). Core packages should be listed (you guessed it) in the core packages section


Atom just very recently changed it in this direction. The list of packages is now split into sections.

The package detail page, however, does not clearly indicate this difference. It does show that the repo is atom/foo, but that’s less clear than “Core Package” versus “Community Package”.


You’re using a pretty old version of Atom (latest is 0.176.0) – you should upgrade to the latest version first and see if you still experience the problem. If the Copr you’re using doesn’t have the latest version, you should probably let the maintainer know. Otherwise, although it’s less convenient, you can always manually download the latest version from or the Releases page.