Package name formatting with acronyms


Package names are automatically formatted from dashed names like linter-csslint. The formatter tries to capitalize things, but fails miserably for initialisms (acronyms). “Linter Csslint” makes me cringe. Initialisms are (and are going to be) very common in package names.

The Package Generator: Generate Package command just says “Enter package path” when prompting you for a string that will be used as-is 23 times across 9 files, and automatically formatted 15 times across 4 files.
When I first tried to create a package for jspaint, it asked only for a directory name, so I gave it atom-jspaint, and then it named like a bajillion things AtomJspaint / “Atom Jspaint”

Something should be done about this, probably sooner rather than later. Especially disallowing / warning about atom-prefixed package names. I’ve also noticed that there’s no error handling for extremely invalid names like “gdsgf(DSlkjOSUDf9sjdl:O( 0 _P}”

I’m thinking about making a PR that adds more descriptive text to the Package Generator’s Generate Package dialogue and shows the formatted text in real-time and maybe allow you to edit it. I could also make it detect some common initialisms like CSS and HTML, but that would hardly help… What do you think?