Package List Not Showing Installed Packages?


i’ve searched and haven’t found any other posts that explain a fix, have found multiple reports on it though. Sincere apologies if there happens to be a thread that does have a full “how to fix”. This is on a Mac btw.

My package list is not showing all my packages that are installed. But they all are loaded and working fine from the command pallette. When I run “atom --safe” in the terminal they all show up fine.

How can I debug this assuming it is a bad installed package? that is the only thread I’ve seen with a solution and the packages they have reported causing conflicts aren’t installed.

Things I’ve tried:

  • disabled packages with long load times reported by Time Cop
  • disabled just about every package I installed myself
  • uninstalled all themes I’ve installed
  • ran Atom Specs, no errors
  • ran Package Specs, no errors

I’m kind of green to Atom and the full environment, but I get most of it, so this is throwing me for a loop.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.


I’ve never heard of this before. Is there an open bug on it on or

How are you trying to show the list of installed packages? Can you give us some hint of repro steps?


just using the standard preferences view, I can see them all in the Command Palette no problem though, they all show in Time Cop as well.

i wish i knew more about Atom debugging to give more info, but that is the behavior.

thank you for replying.

edit: the latest Atom update seemed to have fixed it! wooohooo