Package list loader - my first package


Hi guys,

first of all thanks to Atom team and guys here for great editor. Even though docs are lacking it was actually easy to create a package.

So I am planning to release first version of my package during the weekend and I wanted to show you little preview and get your feedback. My package for now called Package List Loader deals with two use cases:

First - People who want to quickly download recommended packages for their fav. technology. My plan is to create several predefined package list for different languages / frameworks. User then could pick their favorite technology and choose packages , he/she wants to download.

Second - People who wants to share their own package lists with someone. Right now you need to provide id of gist which stores list of your packages separated by comma.

So my question is what do you think? :slight_smile:


FWIW, You can see anyone’s starred packages by clicking on the user in the package pages.


Hi @mark_hahn, I am aware of starred packages, but this seems to be more flexible. I might add sharing starred packages


I din’t mean to belittle your package. It looks very cool. I’ll definitely try it out.


And I didn’t think that! :slight_smile: sorry If I sounded like I didn’t welcome your suggestion :slight_smile: Do you think think that sharing custom list by gist might be unnecessary when we have starred packages?


If I am sharing my packages starring would be easiest since I keep the stars up-to-date. I don’t know how many people keep their stars up-to-date. It is easy to do though.


Make sense.

Btw what do you think about name of package? Is it clear enough?


My only suggestion is to make it short and to the point for the biggest feature. Is package-loader taken?

Edit: Maybe list is the biggest feature. So your original idea is best.


This may be a stupid question. But what do stars do for me?


They are a way to remember the list of packages you like. When you go to packages and select yourself you can see your starred list. You can also list them in your command line and most importantly you can use the command line to install all your starred packages. So when you install atom on a new computer you can duplicate your setup.


Ok I did published the the package, although I am not sure why it doesn’t have description.


What command did you use to publish it?


hi @leedohm ,

nevermind I figure it out, but thanks for the help!


@leedohm PS: what do you think about basic idea behind package? Something like this could be add to ofic. package manager IMHO.


I think it is an interesting idea, @Trudko. I don’t know that I will personally have much use for it but plenty of others may. There is already something that approximates this in the command-line apm utility: apm install --packages-file. So it isn’t a big leap to think that adding a feature to the Settings View that would install everything from a text file or other hosted list.


Thank you for opinion @leedohm,

I am aware of packages-file but my problem was that you need to download the file from somewhere, open the command
line an run it and although this isn’t terrible way how to do it, IMO it could be improved. I have already created feature request and posted link to package as POC.