Package "JS" generator (generates in Javascript)



I created an equivalent of “package generator”, it generates a new sample package in Javascript (instead of coffeeScript).


I hope it will help the “vanilla JS” developers to create their packages :smiley:

Also, I created a Node module (atom-helpers) for the specifics cases like class MyView extends View of CoffeeScript.

So far I have only met the case of extends which poses a recurrent constraint for the Atom package development in Javascript. If I meet other cases requiring a solution, I’ll add it in atom-helpers.

PS: sorry for my bad english


Your English is absolutely fine.

Sounds like a very useful package, too. I’ll try it out sometime.
Thanks for that!


helpers.extends(MyView, View);

Sould not use inherits instead?


@batjko Thank you for confirming that I did not a blunder in English, I had a stroke of luck in this case.


@piranna the behavior of inherits is not the same that the compiled JS of extends (CS).

More details: