Package is stuck on enable even though it's not installed


So i’m developing a package that I have had installed through apm link and it works fine. But now after switching branch the package is stuck with the Enable button. I have done an apm unlink, apm uninstall, made sure that the package does not exist under .atom/packages or .atom/dev/packages and it does not show up under the packages tab, but if I search for the package under the install tab (the package is released) it still just gives me the Enable button.

I have tried removing the Atom folder under ~/Library/Application Support and the .atom/compile-cache folder, and reinstalled but nothing works.

Is there any other cache atom is using that could cause this?

I have of course tried switching back to the branch I recently worked on and had enabled, but still just have the Enable button that doesn’t work.


Is it in your list of disabled packages in your config.cson?


It is not listed as a disabled package


Other thoughts:

  • Have you restarted Atom?
  • Have you tried just apm install package-name from the command line?
  • Have you tried removing or renaming the ~/.atom/storage directory?


apm install made it work :slight_smile: The command must do something special I guess :slight_smile: Thanks