Package installation failes


I’m not able to install any packages on my Atom. Arch linux user.
Tried both repo package (with Atom 1.29.01) and AUR package (1.31.0-beta1, from sources).
Clicking “install” button changes the style of button (making it inactive, with strips like the installation in progress) and nothing else happens.
Terminal installation using apm hangs on “Installing to /home/mikhail/.atom/packages”, but it does check the package name(“Request for package information failed: Not Found”, if I insert non-existing name).
I dont use any proxy/VPN/etc.
I’ve tried reinstallation and cleared configuration dir.


I’m not a dev, so I can’t help with any of APM’s internals. You can, however, bypass APM completely if you have Node installed. Navigate to .atom/packages/ and use git clone with the URL of the repo for the package you want, then enter that folder and run npm install.


Ok, the funniest thing that installing package with npm fixed apm.