Package Idea - Particles and Screen Shake!


Today I saw a really funny pull request to some other text editor and since I don’t really know much about creating packages for Atom, I want to throw the idea out there that maybe someone could put together a package that does these same things.

Here is the PR in question!

I've made a tweet into a package

I’m already on it! (I’m the creator of that PR above)
I haven’t used Atom much before so there are some things to get accustomed to, but I think I should be able to get a first version of the package out this weekend.


You’re the hero we need! I hope that this can be stable for Ludum Dare as it would add some hilarious flair to my live coding. :smiley:


Looks great! Looking forward to it!


And it looks like a preliminary release has already been made!


Hah! Works great!


This is just awesome!!! I’m waiting for the not so buggy version :smiley: