Package for Permanent Bookmarks?



I was looking for a way to create permanent bookmarks in Atom that would not disappear after the given document is closed. From what I read on official forums, I understand that Atom team do not have plans to include this feature in the standard Bookmarks package. E. g., these 2014 and 2015 topics:

I also haven’t been able to find an add-on package which would do the trick. Maybe someone has found a way to make permanent bookmarks?



You just need to write a feature to save a location (file path and current Selection) to a storage file in .atom/, then another feature to spawn a SelectList with the contents of your bookmarks file and a method to open the file the user selects.

Possible additional features include naming and describing bookmarks. If bookmarks have unique names, it will make it easy for the user to tell Atom to override an old bookmark with a new one.