Package for Navigation history


I’ve been searching for a package that does navigation history for Atom. Basically if you are using to Visual Studio (also there in IDEA and Eclipse with different shortcuts) you can do Ctrl - to go back to the last location where your cursor was and Ctrl + to go forward to the location where your cursor was. This is great as you move between files.

I know the symbols-view package maintains a stack,

But is there something else more general purpose already?


Check out package last-cursor-position.


Jumpy lets you hop around through files, although it works a bit differently than what you are after I think. I’m fairly sure I read something on here not too long ago that would do almost exactly as you asked but I’m terrible with names… perhaps someone else remembers?

Edit: hooray, that was it.


last-cursor-position is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! However it doesn’t behave the way I would like it to (on a hop from one file and back … it doesn’t remember the last location in previous file). I’ll see what I can do there (probably a PR shortly).


I use that package constantly, however it never seems to go forward properly after going back. I don’t know the details, it’s just an impression I get when using it.

P.S. If you like this package you might also like my package find-selection. I like hopping a lot.


you might also like my package find-selection

Love it! Thanks!