Package for MQL4/MQL5 developer


hi all,
I’m new in Atom; I’ve search in packages about highlight or snippet for MQL4/MQL5 and didn’t find it.
Is there any other that can help me with it?
or maybe there is someone here that interested to help me write that package? I’m newbie and a little bit confused how to start one. :smile:


c++ highlighting? :wink:


this one:


C++ is too hard for me :’(
Meta Quotes Language… you can check it’s site… (dunno why I cant paste it here…)


You couldn’t paste it because you’re a brand-new user posting a link. That makes you look like a spammer to the system, so the post had to get moderator approval.


hmmm… ic… sorry I didn’t read the rules :blush:
anyway, anyone of you can help me with the case? :smile:


MQL4/5 has c/cpp like syntax. Firstly you can switch syntax to c++ and atom will provide autocomplete and highlight for MQL.