Package for image autocompletion, preview


including images in markdown is kind of a chore.
I’d love it if

  • [ ] atom could autocomplete filenames (URLs, actually) for images in the same repository (or project folder).
  • [ ] a little (inline) preview of the image, in case the filename is not instructive (as is unfortunately often is).

I’m not sure which, if any, of the existing packages might include this feature, but I’ve raised (duplicate) issues at image-view and markdown-preview:

Ps.: The (great) LaTeXing Package for ST3 achieves something similar for latex, but I guess something cross-language might be preferable so as not to implement this multiple times.
Pps.: then again, the requirements of each syntax for including pics are different; LaTeX allows relative paths, Markdown only (absolute?) URLs if I am not mistaken.


Markdown allows relative URLs. Since Markdown is converted into HTML for display, its rules are the same as for HTML. You can also just put a normal <img> tag in Markdown.


thanks @leedohm – must brush up on Markdown details.

I’m still wondering though whether other people might have a need for such a preview/autocomplete combo for \img\or whether that’s a niche thing.