Package for Hemingway style highlighting of sentences?


Somebody recently pointed me to tools for writing prose, several of which are in fact atom packages. One of the tools that this person showed me is another editor called hemingway:

It has a cool feature that I’d love to have in the form of a package for atom. Basically what it does is very simple: it highlights problems using different background colors. E.g. long sentences get marked red or yellow depending how long and complex they are.

Does such a thing already exist? If not, how hard/easy would this be to do? I’m not much of a javascript coder but this feels like something I might spend some time on but would probably walk away from if it starts taking up a lot of time. An mvp could probably work with a simple regex to identify sentences and use word coun to to find overly long sentences. Ideally this would play well with the markdown editor.


The closest thing to do that is probably the linter-write-good package, but I think it doesn’t work with full sentences.

Since the linked website is currently offline: do you know what index (e.g. Flesch-Kincaid) they use to determine the readability? There are several libraries available that you could use to build a package for Atom.