Package for Debian bash syntax highlighting


I have found the language-shellscript to be simply insufficient for Debian terminal script syntax highlighting (if you’re wondering what sort of script I’m talking about, here’s an example). It doesn’t support highlighting for sudo, apt-get, add-apt-repository, make, make install, chmod, rm, mv, cp and other common commands for Debian-based operating systems and Linux distributions, in general. Hence why I’ve been trying to create a new package that will support what I want (with language-shellscript as my starting material, on which I plan to build it), but I am merely a novice programmer my understanding of JavaScript, CSS, Less, etc. is limited at best.

I read this guide, but the language-shellscript package looks significantly different to the general style of packages mentioned in this guide. Namely:

  • There are no style sheets (not even a /styles directory for that matter)
  • The location of the .coffee script is not mentioned in the package.json file under main, nor is it in the top-level directory of the package
  • There’s a /settings directory and several directories missing in the package directory (I know as mentioned in the guide not all need to be there but four are missing).

Hence I’m kind of stumped, not knowing what to edit, what to keep and what to add to the package to make it suitable for what I want. Please remember my lack of programming knowledge when you reply to this query.