Package for assigning themes to grammars?


Is there a package out there that lets me assign a syntax theme to a language grammar.
So maybe I want to use “Earthsung by Jackson” or “Neon Color Scheme” for Python
and 'Chester" for Property List (XML)
and 'Lunar Particle" for INI config files.
You see where I’m going here?
I would like to be able to configure a global default syntax theme and grammar-specific syntax themes.
I don’t expect one syntax to rule them all.


This is totally a vanity feature when there’s more serious issues, but i actually totally want to make this new because it would be great to match themes to languages


I personally think it presents way more than a vanity issue. It can greatly help with the mental part of context switching.
Different syntax themes really signal to the brain that the context is changed.
And let’s be honest some syntax themes are really great for some languages but not all at the same time.