Package error messages in console don't say the culprit file


So I’m gettting messages like this:

I know what issue I’m working on. It’s in a cson file. Just some basic syntax issue with coffeescript. I’m just surprised it won’t tell me the culprit file and line at the top of the stack trace. I’m new to coffeescript–how can I pull this off? How can I know which files and lines are causing the error?


It is telling you what it can:

It says, “at Object.parse (native)” which means that the code where the error actually occurs isn’t in a CoffeeScript file, but in some native-compiled code. If the error occurs in a CoffeeScript or JavaScript file, the stack trace looks like this:

The very first line gives the type of error and the message. The second line states the first layer of the stack trace along with file, line and column information, if available.


it was my fault. i forgot to rename the extension .json to .cson. And then the j/cson parser couldn’t work–guess it’s missing exceptions for this case

…that said, the .json menus/keymaps/etc didn’t work when it was actual json. Do Atom packages actually support json for these configuration maps?? Everything only worked once I properly converted it all to .cson.


I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say for certain, but it was my understanding that Atom could consume JSON for these kinds of things.