Package electron app as installer for Windows, Linux and MacOS


Hi Everyone!
I have developed an electron app and know i want to package that as cross platform installer, I have packaged that as windows .exe file using following commands
" npm install electron-packager -g " to install electron packager
" electron-packager . " to package electron project as windows installer ".exe file"
it is perfectly running for window but i completely missing how to package it for Linux and MacOS? any help please.


You might want to check out electron-builder which is a more complete solution than electron-packager.
Unfortunately, you will need a computer with macOS in order to build the Mac version of your application


Thanx for your suggestion sir…!
I have used Electron-builder to package it and successfully compiled it as windows installer by this process
"npm add electron-builder -g" --this installed electon-builder globally on my machine “windows 8.1 OS”
“npm run dist” – This command compiled my project as .exe installer.
but still some misunderstanding is " do i need system with MacOS to build installer for Mac Installer and same Linux system to build installer for Linux ???"
Please make me clear on this point.


You don’t necessarily need macOS in order to build a Mac app. However, you do need to be on the native platform if you want to use packages with native dependencies.
Also, if you want to publish a Mac app, you probably also want code signing which is only available on macOS.

You can read more about this here: