Package docs could do with a functional/architectural overview


ie. an overview of what packages are, how Atom loads them, what ‘Generate package’ does, etc.

I initially read through the Creating your first package and Creating Packages docs. Investigating a few problems (eg. after moving my package sources around) made me realise the docs (particularly the former) really lack some basic info needed as background. Or perhaps they assume a package creator is already a seasoned Atom user (not true in my case).

Some things that would really have helped me:

  • packages are just directories in ~/.atom/packages
  • ‘generate package’ puts a symlink in there to your package source
  • which makes sense of how ‘Window reload’ works. This seemed a bit mysterious–what magic was Atom using to know where my package source files are??–until I noticed the symlinks

Perhaps this all seems terribly obvious, but they’re the kind of things that can reduce initial confusion and learning time if you’re starting from no Atom-specific knowledge at all.

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