Package configuration fails because process.cwd is '/'


I’m having problems with language-babel due to it looking for preset dependencies in process.cwd(), which should be the project root, but is in fact ‘/’.
The package is configured correctly, so I would like to change the cwd instead of forking and hardcoding a specific exception for my case. Especially since as long as cwd is set to ‘/’ I will be vulnerable to similar errors in other packages.

Platform: Macbook Pro
Launching Atom from commandline (atom .) in the project dir gives the same result as launching the app from /Applications.


Desperately bumping - I see several references when googling to how laughably simple it would be to change cwd in diverse bugs in Atom, Electron and packages, but no one actually explains it.


You can use process.chdir('/some/path') to change the working directory to /some/path.


OK, can I put that in an alias to pull in the actual cwd when launching Atom?
Or even better, put it in a package to automatically get it and set it_


You could do it in your Add process.chdir(atom.project.getPaths()[0]) to your


Yep, that did it!