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So, in the last few minutes, I’ve had to choose between Freemarker and Freemarker-Pro, sbt and sbt-build, scala-worksheet and scala-worksheet-plud and language-scala and language-scala-plus.

Thanks for offering an extensible platform; I request a little curation. When the star ratings exist, they don’t give one a lot of confidence. I understand FreeMarker is a little out there, but the Scala packages shouldn’t require excessive discernment on my part. If there is a ‘Scala go-bag’ of some sort, it would be nice if File/Settings/Install suggested I get it.



Package curation is something that has been discussed multiple times before:

Because of this, I consider your new topic a duplicate of one or more of the above. We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story (though because curation is a broad topic that might be hard in this case). Please continue the discussion in one of the above. I’ll be closing this topic as duplicate.


Lee, those are three different topics.

  1. Please give me more packages when I install
  2. Please list packages differently
  3. Please give package developers money

My issue is different. I – like everyone else, I imagine – am picking packages based on the name. I would like, as you say, some sort of curation process based either on an algorithm or selection by a trusted body to recommend which one I should take.

While you could relate the four topics, they’re all worthy of individual discussion threads.


There is also a topic on the board already specifically about curation, I just wasn’t able to find it in the time I had to reply. Trust me, this isn’t a new topic :grinning:

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